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Red Islands Mutual Telephone Company

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Minutes November 16, 1936
Officers for the Year 1936- 1937
President -  James Johnston, Red Islands


Dan A. MacLeod, Loch Lomond
Secretary/Treasurer G. J. MacLean, PP. Johnstown
Manager       G. J. MacLean, PP. Johnstown
Board of Directors John A. MacDonald, Irish Cove
  Joseph MacNeil, Johnstown
  John M. MacNeil, Red Islands
                  Ambrose MacIsaac, Hay Cove
                  Dan N. MacLeod, Loch Lomond
  John Langley, Salmon River
               Rod J. MacNeil
Auditors              Ambrose MacIsaac, Hay Cove
  Colin Campbell, Johnstown
Minutes of Directors Meeting.

The first meeting of the new board of directors, elected at the 1936 Annual Meeting  of the Shareholders of the Red Islands Mutual Telephone Co., held at Soldier's Cove School House on November 16th, convened at the Glebe House, Johnstown, being called by the Pres. and Secy, on Thursday Evening, November 26th at the hour of 7 o'clock.

The President and chairman of the board, James Johnston, was in the chair and opened the meeting at 7:30. He indicated in a general way the scope and nature of the business for consideration and called upon the Secry to review the telephone situation as obtained at the present time. After appealing for a united front from the directors and their strong concerted action in order to effectively rehabilitate the Red Islands Tel Co. The Secty read considerable correspondence, highlights of which were: 1: No Company By-laws existed or were filed with the Provincial Secretary, 2: The Company was in arrears for the annual deposit of 1933, 1934 and 1935. With 1936 due on December 31 next, the sum or $374, would be required presently in order to gain good standing and a connection with the Maritime Tel and Co. 3: The sum of $4.75 only was outstanding again the Company by the Maritime. As far as could be ascertained those were all the bill against the Company. 4: $324.77 was to the Credit of the Co in Reserve Funds and $191.32 held by James Johnston (previous Secty) on current account. 5: The board refused to entertain the suggestion of the Secty that either the 3 arrears of deposits be waived, or a fourth withdrawal of $250, be allowed. 6: The Company was advised that The Western Union was negotiating with the Govt Tel Service for the sale of its Cable and that at the Canal at St. Peters and suggested that in as much as there were extra cores in the Cable that we could rent a core from this Company.

I: The first matter of business was the consideration and establishment of a complete list of Shareholders of the Company. Previous lists were examined and amended as far as the knowledge of the present directors allowed.

II: With respect to replacing poles now broken, it was decided, in considering immediate repairs required to the line, that Joseph McNeil's offer of taking his truck and a group of men over the line on Monday or Tuesday (Nov 30. Dec 1) be accepted. The Secty advised that the two poles required in the immediate vicinity could probably be obtained from the Big Pond Company. Rod MacNeil offered to secure a sufficient number of black spruce polls to meet requirements of Soldiers Cove and Salmon River to St. Peters. It was estimated that a total of 6 or 7 polls in all would be required. For future efficiency it was decided to divide the line into three districts 1: Irish Cove to Tom's Brook, with John M. MacNeil in charge. 2: Tom's Brooke to Barra Head with Angus MacDonald in charge. 3: Barra Head to St. Peters Canal with John Langley in charge. These men were to be asked by the Secty for their consent.

III: On the question of financing the arrears of deposits, in the event of the board not being amenable to named representations made by the Secty and others asked to cooperate, it was decided, after much discussion that a levy of six dollars be charged to all Box Holders and no connection was to be made by the Company until this amount was paid. In the event of the Board acceding to the Secty's request, the free would be reduced to $5.00.

IV: In compliance with a request by the Secty for the sake of his personal convenience, it was decided to withdraw accounts from the Royal Bank at St. Peters and place them in the Bank of Montreal at Sydney, moved by Ambrose MacIsaac and seconded by Joe MacNeil, passed.

V: No manager having been appointed at the annual meeting a motion was offered by John A. MacDonald and seconded by Rod MacNeil that the  G.J. MacLean be also appointed manager, passed unanimously.

VI: No auditors having been appointee at the Annual Meeting, it was moved by John A. MacDonald and seconded by Joseph MacNeil that Ambrose MacIsaac and Collie Campbell be appointed auditors for the insuring year.

VII: The board next directed its attention to the matter of preparing Fall Rates and By-Laws for the Shareholders approved at a meeting to be called at a convenient date. A tentative set was drawn up with the assistance of a general set amended to meet local consideration.

VIII: Tolls agreed upon were the following

a: All local calls on behalf of Box Holders - no charge,

b: Local calls by non shareholders but residents within territory served by the Company - charge $.05 per call.

c: Local calls by non shareholder and non residents within ten mile radius - charge $.10, outside ten miles radius $.15 per call

d: Long distance calls passing through St. Peters Central $.25.

e: Passing through Irish Cove Central but not through East Bay Central $.05

f: Passing through East Bay Central $.25 plus Prov and Fed Taxes.

Bills should be sent out by Secty bi-annually, and Box Holders to make returns of collections to Secty monthly.

IX: Owing to the cost of making transpositions required in a double circuit it was decided for the present time to use only on circuit out, that Box Holders should be connected to local circuit, this circuit being connected at both Irish Cove and St. Peters Centrals.

There being no further business the Board adjourned at 11:30pm, same day.

The following Directors were in attendance

Pres: James Johnston

Secty Tres: G. J. MacLean

                 Rod MacNeil, Soldiers Cove

                  John A. MacDonald, Irish Cove

                  Joseph MacNeil, Johnsown

                  John M. MacNeil, Red Islands

                  Ambrose MacIsaac, Hay Cove

Vice Pres: D. A. MacLeod, Loch Lomond, DAn N. MacLeod, Loch Lomond and John Langley, Salmon River were absent.

Geo J. MacLean, Secty Tres.