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150 Anniversary

Notes from Bulletins

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Here are some of the information that is included in the bulletins from 1960 and on.

October 1960
Alter Boys' Duty List
October 23 -  8:00 Peter MacNeil and Harold MacKinnon
                9:30 Billy MacDonald and Stanley MacKinnon
October 30 - 8:00 Joseph MacInnis and Hugh Cash
                 9:30 Michael MacKinnon and Neil Gerrior
November 1 - 8:30 Hughie Campbell and Dannie Sutherland
                  - 7:00 George Gerrior and Terrry Gardiner (evening mass)
November 2 - 8:00 Terry Gardiner
                  - 8:30 John Oram and Michael MacKinnon
                  - 7:00 Neil Gerrior (evening mass)
November 4 - 7:00 John Hugh Johnston and Peter MacNeil (First Friday)
                6 - 8:00 Jimmie MacNeil and Hugh Cash
                   - 9:30 John Oram and Joseph MacNeil
November 13 - 8:00 John Richard Campbell and Hughie Campbell
                    - 9:30 Billy MacDonald and Blaise MacNeil


Ladies Duty List for Cleaning the Church
October 23 Mrs. Hector MacDonald and Mrs. Tommie MacNeil
  30 Mrs. Matt MacNeil and Mrs. Angus J. MacNeil
November 6 Mrs. Joseph Campbell and Mrs. John MacPhee
  13 Miss Clare MacLean and Mrs. William MacLean


January/February 1961
Meeting of the Director of the Johnstown Credit Union Feb 12 - 2:30pm
Payment of Dues for 1960 would be deeply appreciated and it would mean a lot to the parish financially. Out of the 50 who have made full or partial payment, 29 have paid $20.00, 7 paid $15.00, 10 - $10.00 and 4 less then $10.00. This is somewhat below other years. In any case do your best.
Religious Articles are to be found in the glass cupboard at the back of the church. These are available for your convenience and are for sale. The collection for the African Missions amounted to $42.00 with 47 contributors.
Don't Forget: To pray for Michael Campbell, a former parishioner who died in Toronto on Dec 11th.
  to say the second decade of the Rosary for the parish
  to read, the Catholic Press. Just don't take a paper home, be sure to read it.
  the cleaning of the church by the high school girls.
Parish Card Game. Give your support to these home games. It is also being neighborly and sociable. Card Games were sponsored by following, namely - Mr. and Mrs. Roddie MacNeil, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cash, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. MacNeil, Mr. and Mrs. John M. Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. John Poirier, Mr. Murdock Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Joe N. Johnston and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cash.

February 1961
Radio League Series of talks on the theme "Christ the Leader" delivered by Reverend George L. Kane. CJFX - 12.30, CJCB - 9.30 on Sundays
Parish Card Game. Since the last issue of the parish bulletin the following people have sponsored card games: Mr. and Mrs. Colin Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. James MacDonald, and Mrs. Matilda McPherson. Please continue to give your support to these games as they are an important feature of our parish social life as well as providing financial support. If you have not sponsored a game, see the lady in charge of the games in your district.
Please keep in mind the parish pulp contract. Don't forget to put in a cord for the parish
Don't forget to pray for James A. Campbell who died in Sydney
  to pray for the sick and infirm of the parish
  to pray for the spiritual and temporal welfare of the parish
  to read the Casket or Sunday Visitor each Sunday
  that Ash Wednesday is a day of fast and complete abstinence


March 1961
Parish Pulp: Do not forget your cord of pulp for the parish. The pulp you thus give is really to yourself, for as you support your parish, you are helping yourself. So put in that extra cord for the parish and you will never regret it.
Short Letter to My Parishioners:

Dear Friends in Christ: In the first monthly bulletin that was put out there was written the following: "The bulletin can be a means of drawing us closer to the Sacred Heart and of strengthening the bonds of charity and good will towards one another in the parish. This is the hope and prayer of its editor." I trust that the bulletin helped in some measure to achieve this spirit of unity  and charity throughout our parish. For unless we have charity for one another, the true parish spirit is lacking. May each individual make a determined and preserving effort to strengthen this bond of unity.

And I take this occasion to express my thanks to Almighty God for the five years that I have been your Parish Priest. I hope and pray that they have brought you and me closer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and His Blessed Mother.

I am most grateful to you all for you wonderful support and co-operation in all that we have endeavored to do. Without that good will, little would have been accomplished. I ask you to continue to give this support o my successor, Father Ronald MacLean.

May each of you ever grow in the love of Christ, increasing the life of grace in your souls. Make frequent and regular use of the sacraments.

Finally, in your charity, I ask you to remember me in your prayers so that I may fulfill my duties for the greater honor and glory of God, and for the good of the souls entrusted to me. In leaving as your pastor, you have the assurance of my prayers for your parish and all within it.

God bless you always.

F.  A. Morley, P.P.